domingo, 16 de diciembre de 2007

Upcoming Concept Cars

Ferrari Dino Concept

Audi Metroproject

Jeep Trailhawk Concept

Toyota FT-HS

Toyota is all set to showcase its FT-HS hybrid sports concept car at the 2007 North American International Auto Show. Two other Toyota’s research groups are behind these sports cars which are based in Newport Beach, California (CALTY, Toyota’s North American-based, research and design centre) and California based Advanced Product Strategy Group.

According to Kevin Hunter, vice president, CALTY Design Research, “Drivers today are not satisfied with cars that are simply fast”.

Toyota famous for its hybrid cars is leaving no stone unturned and trying to enter into all car segments with its advanced hybrid technology. FT-HS hybrid sports car will be different from Toyota’s other hybrid cars in its high output power train for powerful acceleration and optimal performance. Other then the sports car essentials like speed and acceleration, the car will also have a sleek profile lightweight and aerodynamic shape.

Sleek, high acceleration, ultra low emissions, great fuel efficiency, driving fun, aerodynamic shape, eco-friendly - did you wanted more out of your next sports car?

This car is going to be a sure hit with environmental friendly people and will eye for mostly young buyers.

If you thought Toyota will compromise with its power train then look at this data - The car is projected to have 0-62 mph acceleration in less than 4 seconds. FT-HS hybrid sports car will be fitted with V6, 3.5L-engine which will have a power output of 400 HP.

Aston Martin Vantage V12

Chrysler Nassau

While most people are busy stacking up food and presents for the holiday season, the automotive industry is hard at work preparing for the upcoming Detroit Motor Show. Land Rover will kick off their 60th anniversary year in style with the LRX Concept. A mix of a three door hatchback and the Freelander, it might signal a new model in the Land Rover line-up. If built, the coupe Land Rover will face the new BMW X6. This 'Sports Activity Coupe' will be powered by a variety of engines, including a brand new twin turbocharged V8. Employing direct injection and variable valve timing, it produces 400 bhp across a very wide range. Mazda will launch another concept of the much acclaimed Nagare design language. Dubbed the Furai, it is based on a Courage prototype chassis. Power comes from a three rotor rotary engine.
Some of the finest cars of the teens and twenties were produced in the United States. When launched, the Stutz Bearcat was one of the countries first sports cars. It is probably best known as the car that Erwin "Cannonball" Baker drove from coast to coast in a record breaking time. It was the inspiration for the outlaw races and motion pictures. The cars produced by duPont were even more exclusive. One the company's finest was the eight cylinder engined Model G. The featured Le Mans Speedster body style is one of the most beloved.
In the late 1940s, many sportscars featured cycle fenders to make them light and easily adaptable for open wheel racing. This body style received the nickname 'Siluro' or 'Torpedo' in Italian. A great example of this shape is the OSCA MT4, which is one of the earliest cars produced by the company founded by the remaining Maserati brothers.


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